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Pneumatics and Hydraulics

Get tried and tested hydraulic solutions to ensure high quality and reliable hose and fitting protection. The range of hydraulic caps and plugs has been complimented with the addition of over 100 new variations of spiral wraps and safety sleeves, most notably an entry level spiral wrap, designed to give cost effective yet robust hose protection.

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Essentra Components hose protection
Hose Protection

The hose protection range includes protection sleeves such as textile sleeves and quick sleeves. We've enhanced our hose protection offering with essential parts for safeguarding hoses and fittings. New spiral wrap will shield hydraulic hoses with anti-crushing and abrasion resistance, whilst our expandable sleeves offer lightweight chemical resistance in low wearing environments.

Essentra Components ring seals and bonded washers
Ring Seals and Bonded Washers


Our range of ring seals and bonded washers are a cost effective seal commonly used in general engineering applications.  The range is available in Metric sizes and Imperial sizes. Various materials ensure good resistance to mineral hydraulic oils and greases.

Essentra Components tubing, hoses and hose accessories
Tubing, Hoses and Hose Accessories
The product offering includes small metal or plastic rings called sleeve ferrules used to securely seal or fasten the hose protection sleeve on the hose.  We also supply hose and pipe clamps, channels and straps to meet your applications needs.Our T Bolt Hose Clamps are designed for securing pipes and hoses at high pressures and consist of a strong construction with full bushings. Plastic hose clamps are available for a more cost effective solution.  Cinch straps, tube fittings and connectors also available.
Essentra Components fluid level indicator caps
Fluid Level Indicator Cap

Prismatic fluid level indicator caps are resistant to solvents, oils, greases, and other chemical agents. The prismatic windows allow the viewing of liquid levels in various applications and are resistant to oils and solvents.