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PCB and Electronics Hardware

PCB & Electronics Hardware offers a wide range of spacers and standoffs for use with printed circuit boards (PCBs) to support, lock, space or guide the board. The majority of support posts and spacers are designed to be installed by hand and do not require assembly equipment. Standoffs and spacers are available in a range of materials and finishes such as UV and heat stabilised nylon, aluminium and steel and come in a variety of different styles like adhesive, screw, rivet, snap-lock and snap-fit. Our ranges also include Card Guides & Pullers which are used to hold PCBs in a chassis or enclosure. As well as PCB hardware, LED and Fan accessories are also available. The LED Hardware range provides simple and safe mounting systems for Light Emitting Diodes during the production process. Our Fan accessories provide protection and mounting for small DC and AC fans suitable for industrial and computing applications.

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Essentra Components spacers and standoffs
Spacers and Standoffs

A great choice of hex standoffs and more high critical strength requirements.

Essentra Components PCB supports

A huge variety of sizes across a variety of circuit boards supports including mounting feet, adhesive bases, edge locking, reverse locking,snap rivet and snap lock supports.

Essentra Components card guides and pullers
Card Guides and Pullers

Position circuit boards and allow for pulling board out and pushing them back in with card guides and pullers. Try a PCB mounting block to position boards at 90 degrees to one another.

Essentra Components fan hardware
Fan Hardware

Fan filter sets, gaskets, guards, mounts and rivets to ensure a securely fitted fan.

Essentra Components fuse covers and insulators
Fuse Covers and Insulators

Electrical insulation of components on the PCB and chassis can prevent electrical shock. Our ranges offer fuse covers and transistor insulating sleeves, mounts, rings and pads that will fit most standard transistors, fuses and other electrical components. 

Essentra Components led hardware
LED Hardware
LED lens holders, LED light pipes, LED mounts and LED spacers.
Essentra Components screw grommets
Screw Grommets

Screw Grommets provide a quick, positive securing of panels or PCBs. The tightened screw provides a secure lock as the legs expand and they are recommended for securing heavy PCB components. Available with a seal for application requiring prevention of moisture or material entering.

Essentra Components switches

Over 200 cost-effective offerings irrelevant of project size or quantity. IP50 and IP65 control units available for outdoor applications and machine assemblies.