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Packaging and Material Handling

A range of lifting and rigging components and attachments for moving material and heavy goods around in a safe manner.

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Essentra Components tube sleeves
Tube Sleeves

Safety warning sleeves for scaffolding.

Essentra Components hoist rings
Hoist Rings

Flip flop, safety engineered and heavy duty hoist rings for lifting heavy loads. Magnetic particle inspected as per ASTM 1444. Military specification hoist rings available.

Essentra Components bottle accessories
Bottle Accessories

Dispensing caps, plugs and nozzles available alongside HDPE funnels.

Essentra Components containers and lids
Containers and Lids

LDPE container lids and containers in a variety of sizes. Tamper evident options also available.

Essentra Components corner and edge protectors
Corner and Edge Protectors

Your products require protection in transit, handling and storage to ensure you deliver the best quality goods. Increase stacking strength, stabilise, and support products using an edge protector or fully cover sharp or delicate corners with a corner protector offered in standard, open, expandable, heavy duty, and 3 way corner styles. Flexible edging strip covers sharp or delicate edges and is easy to apply to irregular shapes.

Essentra Components measuring utensils
Measuring Utensils

Beakers, scoops and spoons for measuring.

Essentra Components powder coating hooks
Powder Coating Hooks

Support hanging loads during paint finishing, surface treatment and material handling one of our wire hooks in various shapes.

Essentra Components rollers and bumpers
Rollers and Bumpers

A variety of ball transfers for a variety of applications including cargo and baggage handling, assembly lines, machine loading, sliding door systems & machine tables.

Essentra Components security seals
Tamper and Security Seals

Security seals provide a tamper evident seal on containers while adding a level of security against theft or contamination. These seals are available in a wide range of styles including cable lock, EZE seals, smooth grips, and metal lock.