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Fibre, Wire, and Cable Management

Manage and route cabling with an enhanced range of cable management solutions. Our double locking Cable Ties offer sturdy support in a variety of temperature conditions, and our Polypropylene Ties remain strong whilst operating in the presence of chemicals. With over 65 years of manufacturing expertise we have developed industry accredited solutions for both everyday and challenging environments.

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Essentra Components cables

A selection of power, BUS and control cables designed to be used in moving applications in energy chains.

Essentra Components cable ties and mounts
Cable Ties and Mounts

Our range of over 2,400 Cable Ties just got bigger. The addition of Black Polypropylene Cable Ties as well as the worlds first double metal tooth Cable Tie, brings further chemical resistance and security to our huge range. So we're confident you can find the perfect Cable Tie no matter your application and environment.

Essentra Components clips clamps and cleats
Cable Clips, Clamps, and Cleats

Secure bundles and single cables with a quick to install clamp or restrain cables in long runs using cable cleats. Using the correct clip, clamp or cleat protects cables from damage, vibration and abrasion while providing strain relief and safety.

Essentra Components cable glands and accessories
Cable Glands and Accessories

Restore order with over 110 brand new cable management solutions, dedicated to organising, routing and protecting complex cabling. Exciting introductions to the range include cable entry systems and plates, and a variety of new cable glands and accessories.

Essentra Components cable bushings
Cable Bushings

Prevent damage and need for repair where wire, cable or tubing comes into contact with sharp, unfinished edges with cable bushing.

Essentra Components cable grommets

Our range includes desk, diaphragm, IP67 sealing, membrane entry, open and stepped grommets for a range of challenging or simple cable and wire routing applications.

Essentra Components cable conduit, wraps and accessories
Cable Conduits, Wraps, and Accessories

The cable conduit range has been developed and tested to the most demanding quality standards and has been awarded quality approvals and compliance worldwide. The range supports plastic conduit systems and accessories. Plastic conduit is highly flexible and has a high fatigue life. It's high impact strength aids to it's recovery capability when crushed. Cable wrap is a more cost effective option for applications requiring lightweight cable protection.

Essentra Components heat shrink tubing
Heat Shrink Tubing

Heat shrink tubing is versatile in terms of application possibilities, styles and colours options. Our range includes adhesive lined and non adhesive lined options along with clear, coloured and striped versions with high flexibility and flame retardant properties.

Essentra Components fibre management
Fibre Management

A range of components to manage the routing, protection and installation of fibre.

Essentra Components ferrites
Essentra Components insulators

Including sleeve and terminal insulators. Sleeve insulators are designed for straight and flag style pre-assembled wires and receptacles. These insulators are easily installed by slipping the sleeve onto the receptacle and snapping it shut by hand. Terminal Insulators stop the flow of electricity at the end of your cables. Manufactured in plastic they are non-conductive and protect wiring terminals.

Essentra Components junction and enclosure boxes
Junction and Enclosure Boxes

Enclosure Boxes are halogen free and IP65 rated for resistance to environmental concerns. COMBI Junction Boxes are flame-retardant and halogen-free with a bellied cover to allow more room inside. The captive and rust-free lid is quick release with quarter turn plastic screws for fastening. We also have a range of cable entry systems and COMBI junction box clips to support our offering

Essentra Components cable tie guns
Cable Tie Guns

Cable tie guns offer a quick and easy installation of cable ties. Squeeze the two handles together to cause the tie to loop together and give tensile strength to the tie and creating a secure fastening around you wires or other application.