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With over 4,200 fastening solutions in the range, it's one of our largest and most diverse product selections. The offering has been expanded, with further sizes of black nylon washers as well as the introduction of cross slotted mushroom head screws, adding another level of convenience for customers.

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essentra components screws and bolts
Screws and Bolts

Threaded fasteners are used to join two or more objects or to hold an object in position. They are made from a wide range of materials, including steel, stainless steel and nylon. They come in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and styles. Common types include hex head and carriage bolts while speciality styles include shoulder and self-piercing screws.

essentra components nuts

A selection of nuts for standard and specialised fastener needs. Ranges include button thread nuts, cap nuts, grommet nuts, lock and flange nuts, machine screw nuts, hex nuts, thumb nuts, tooling nuts, washer nuts, wing and fly nuts.

essentra components fastening pins sets and accessories
Fastening Pins, Sets, and Accessories

Pin lanyard fastenings have a wide variety of uses for attaching pins and small parts. They come in a wide range of lengths, and have a choice of end attachments.

essentra components washers spacers and bushings
Washers, Spacers, and Bushings

A large selection of washers, spacers and bushings to use with threaded fasteners as well as retaining rings for aligning components. There's metal and nylon washers for distributing load, reducing vibration, improving wear or acting as an insulating barrier. A selection of nylon spacers used to create spacing between objects. Additionally bushings which are plastic or metal sleeves used to reduce friction and to limit movement on one or more axis, while allowing free directional movement. We also have several styles of inexpensive retaining rings for both internal and external installation.

Essentra components rivets

Rivets are mechanical fasteners used to join two objects together and are designed for fast and easy installation. Our lightweight nylon rivets are strong & durable. Available in a wide variety of styles, some of the most common are blind rivets, snap rivets and removable rivets.

essentra components furniture fasteners
Furniture Fasteners

A range of furniture fasteners for the construction of ready-to-assemble furniture. Our furniture fixings include insert nuts, furniture cams, T-nuts and joint connectors.

essentra components thread inserts tools and kits
Thread Inserts, Tools, and Kits

Threaded inserts are used to replace damaged inserts, repair threaded holes that have been stripped or create a new join. We have threaded inserts in-stock for use on a wide range of materials including metal, wood, plastic and particle board.

Essentra components fastener assortments kits
Fastener Assortments and Kits

Real estate sign kits and O-ring assortments. Each of these types of kits are pre-packed with popular sizes to allow you to quickly complete your task without having to anticipate the exact size you'll need. Keep a kit on hand for those unexpected projects that always seem to crop up.