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A range covering coolant hose adaptors, connectors, fittings, nozzles and reducers.

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essentra components coolant hose adapters and connectors
Coolant Hose Adapters and Connectors

Articulated coolant hose adapters are suitable for 1/4" and 1/2" coolant hose systems. They come in segment of 10 and can be connected with a threaded connector with a selection of threaded sizes. Coolant Hose Connectors are compatible with 1/4" and 1/2" coolant hose systems. They are suitable with G 1/2" and G 3/8" thread sizes. The material of both adapters and connectors is acetal to provide a rigid finish to resist pressure.

essentra components coolant hose fittings
Coolant Hose Fittings and Reducers

Y Fitting hose fittings are part of a system forming an adjustable coolant hose, essentially used to direct the flux of coolant in various direction.

essentra components coolant hose nozzles
Coolant Hose Nozzles

Coolant hose nozzles with flat slot nozzle and round nozzle options available.