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Clamps and Workholding

Essentra provides a range of clamps and workholding equipment offering a wide array of holding capabilities and design for quick action and ease of fixing. Our manual operated clamps ensure a solution for a wide range of applications. With an offering of magnetic workholding and manual clamps you will find the right tool for your application.

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essentra components magnets and magnetic workholding
Magnets and Magnetic Workholding

Magnets and Magnetic Workholding offer strong fastenings that can be released and replaced. They are ideal for lifting and moving materials safely. Permanent magnets are used in a variety of applications from linear actuators to sensors and other industrial uses. A variety of permanent magnets such as Neyodymium, Ferrite and alnico magnets are available. With Essentra’s large selection of standard shapes and sizes, along with a choice of pull weights, you will find what you need.

essentra components manual clamps and accessories
Manual Clamps and Accessories

Manual clamps and accessories are designed to provide a choice of components to manually clamp, hold, grip and position metal sheets and other parts in jigs and handling systems. Toggle clamps use a linkage system to increase force applied to the handle to tightly secure objects. Styles include hold-down, plier, hook & latch and push-pull clamps. They provide a solution for applications requiring low profile, ergonomic handling and versatile positioning.