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We've got you covered with 22 new caps and plugs, joining an existing range of over 2000 tried and tested solutions. The range consists of many specialist products that are designed to meet specific protection requirements across a spectrum of manufacturing, transit and end-user applications.

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Essentra Components pipe and flange protection caps
Pipe and Flange Protection Caps

Essentra Components pipe and flange protection caps protect machined surfaces during treatment processes, transportation and storage. Protect valuable pipes and flanges from debris and moisture, which can result in product impairment, during shipping and storage with our line of specialised pipe protection caps and flange covers. Our flange caps completely wrap the entire flange to prevent debris from damaging internally-coated surfaces. We offer a full range of plastic pipe caps, that include open-end vent caps, closed end caps, vented caps and flexible caps that resist splitting and cracking.

Essentra components push fit caps
Push Fit Caps

Tapered and Tear tab caps and plugs can be removed easily, with a design allowing the cap to cover multiple outside diameters or plug multiple inner diameters. They are also available for general purpose and high temperature masking applications. Protect threaded and non-threaded pipe ends and eliminate foreign materials entering pipe with Essentra pipe caps. Our wide range of styles protects valuable equipment in processing and in the field, including: closed or vented, flexible or recessed. Push fit caps are an efficient solution for protecting and masking components from dirt, moisture, and damage. We carry a large selection of cost effective push fit caps suitable for many industries and applications. We specialise in plastic protective caps and our push fit caps offer a wide variety of solutions for protecting your application during shipping, production and storage.

Essentra Components threaded caps
Plastic Threaded Caps

A large selection of protection caps to protect threaded components. Our range includes sealing, quick fit, and valve caps to fit a variety of thread styles during transit and storage. Protect flared and flareless fittings against dirt, dents, and moisture with Essentra caps to fit UNF, JIC, Metric, and BSP threads. If you’re not sure which will work best for your application then use our sampling program to try the cap before you buy it.

Essentra Components plastic hydraulic caps
Plastic Hydraulic Caps

Protective plastic caps that are specialised to protect hydraulic fittings, preventing dirt, moisture, corrosion and damage during storage & transit. The scope of our range can provide a solution for applications subjected to hazardous environments and specific fittings such as Quick Release Couplings, Banjo Bolts and O-Ring Face Seals.

essentra components pipe chocks
Pipe Chocks

Pipe chocks are used to help secure pipe during transit and stacking during storage. The durable LDPE material is resilient to environmental conditions. Nails included to secure the pipe chocks.

Essentra Components pipe and flange protection plugs
Pipe and Flange Protection Plugs

Protect valuable pipes and flanges from debris and moisture, which can result in product impairment, during transit and storage with our line of pipe and flange protection plugs. We manufacture plastic pipe plugs including ribbed plugs that fit pipe nominal sizes ranging from 10mm to 114.3mm and bevel edge protectors. Our raised face flange protectors protect the machined surface of a pipe flange without the need for additional fasteners.

essentra components push fit plugs
Push Fit Plugs

Push fit plugs provide the advantages and aesthetic of a protective plug with the ease of a push in style. Push fit plugs are easily applied and removed to defend pipes, hoses, and fittings from contaminants during processing, shipment, and storage. We carry an extensive range of push fit plug styles including tapered, pull tab, threaded, parallel, panel and temperature resistant plugs to service a wide range of applications and industries.

essentra components plastic threaded plugs
Plastic Threaded Plugs

Threaded protection plugs guard pipes, hoses, and hydraulic fittings from dirt, moisture, and damage to maintain equipment integrity. With unique patented features and quick-fit, screw on, or push on application, Essentra has the threaded plastic protection plug that is ideal for your project. We carry plugs to protect; SAE O-ring ports, hydraulic fittings, UNJ/UNJS threads, Metric threads, BSP threads, UNF threads, JIC threads, Unified Standard threads, NS & NF Class 1-2-3 threads, and NPT threads. Prevent dangerous gas leaks with our LPG plugs or use our tamper evident gas cylinder valve plugs to protect industrial gas valves from dirt, or create a positive seal with the double sealing ring on our slottex plugs.

essentra components plastic hydraulic plugs
Plastic Hydraulic Plugs

Hydraulic Plugs are ideal for sealing and protecting hydraulic fittings against moisture, dirt, corrosion and temperature. A variation of profiles and materials ensure that safety demands and standards inherent to the hydraulic industry are met. The scope of our range can provide a solution for applications subjected to hazardous environments and specific fittings such as quick release couplings and banjo bolts.

essentra components plastic nuts bolts and screw cover caps
Plastic Nut, Bolt, and Screw Cover Caps

Protect and cover exposed nuts, bolts and screws with plastic bolt caps. Caps are a durable and cost effective option for covering exposed components while providing a neat appearance.