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Helping you to provide secure access to critical machine components, electrical boxes, and other protected entry areas. We provide an extensive access hardware offering to fit machines, enclosures, HVAC, generators and specialist vehicles. With over 2000 RoHS and REACH compliant parts, containing solutions such as latches and locks, door stays, drawer slides and hinges, panel fasteners and even inspection windows. We've expanded our range of IP65 and stainless steel parts, including quarter turn compression locks and sliding locks to give you even more choice. Request our free catalogue to view our entire stock of access hardware, including handles, hinges, gaskets and locks.

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Essentra Components catches and catch plates
Catches and Catch Plates

We have magnetic catches and spring loaded sockets for holding a door, container, drawer or panel closed.

Essentra Components door holders and lid stays
Door Holders and Lid Stays

A variety of products for holding open doors and lids. Our offering includes hook and catch door holders, where a T-shaped hook fits into a keeper, are commonly used to hold trailer doors and windows open. Lid Stays are used on trunks, tool boxes and other containers where it is necessary to hold the lid open hands-free whilst preventing the lid from being opened too far to reduce strain on the hinges.

Essentra Components drawer slides
Drawer Slides

One way travel drawer slides are roller slides that are ideal for use in desks, cabinets, machine tool drawers, and similar applications. These brightly finished metal slides have a tight tolerance, smooth operation, and a smooth glide.

Essentra Components hinges

Make sure your applications open smoothly and consistently every time with our range of hinges. Hinges are movable joints that connect two objects while allowing at least one of the objects to pivot. We stock a wide variety of hinges, made from a variety of materials. Standard leaf hinge consists of two flat plates and barrel joined with a hinge pin, bullet hinges have to be welded on for heavier duty applications, lift-off hinges easily separate allowing a door to be removed, and friction hinges hold prevent free-swinging of the hinge allowing a panel hold open, plastic piano hinges are for light duty applications.

Essentra Components Inspection Windows Featured Image
Inspection Windows

Inspection windows allow counters, dials, and instruments to be viewed from outside the enclosure. The supplied sealing O-Ring prevents dirt and moisture from entering machinery through the viewing window application.

Essentra Components latches and locks
Latches and Locks

Keeping enclosures, cabinets and industrial units secure and safe is essential. We manufacture locking solutions designed to meet the ingress protection and security needs of the market. Latches come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes used to hold doors, gates and access panels in place. Used to hold a door closed, latches may also be used to secure a cabinet, compress a gasket to create a watertight seal, allow a door to be closed hands free, withstand an explosion, keep a cover from flying open or provide a place for a padlock. Many latches have a locking feature, whether they are keyed, use a tubular key, have a push button lock, rings for a padlock or a security catch.

Essentra Components locks

Both furniture and push locks for low level security applications, such as glass cabinets and drawer doors as well as a few high security types of locks for more secure applications.

Essentra Components panel clamps
Panel Clamps

Panel clamps are compatible with right or left hand doors and best suited for heating and ventilation panels. These bridge clamps are made of nylon with steel screw in symmetrical or asymmetrical styles.

Essentra Components panel fasteners
Panel Fasteners

A large selection of panel fasteners in-stock and ready to ship including panel catches and strikers, panel rivets and snap latch rivets. Panel catches are usually mounted on a door and installed to align and fit inside the female catch or grommet until it is pulled apart with the opening of the door. They can be an economical option for panel door closure. Quarter Turn Panel Fasteners join together one fixed panel and one removable panel. Snap Latch Rivets are designed for fast and easy installation or removal with various panel thicknesses and hole sizes by snapping in and out of place - great for applications requiring regular maintenance.

Essentra components document holder
Document Holder

Document holders provide a place to contain documentation that needs to be easily accessible on machinery covers, electrical panels, and similar applications. The durable ABS holders are supplied with self-adhesive strips for quick attachment.